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Are you looking to give back to God?

At Open Praise Fellowship we want to give back to God by giving to support the work of our local church in the community as well as supporting foreign and domestic missions. Below are a list of ministries that are working to share the message of  Jesus Christ, around the corner and around the world. Our Heavenly Father has blessed us so abundantly, we should give with generous hearts to win souls for Jesus and to further the kingdom of  God! 



Open Praise Fellowship Ministries



Adult Ministry

Youth Ministry

Children's Ministry

Bus Ministry

Vision Fund



Foreign and Domestic Missions


Harvest Season Ministries

Lower Lights Prison Ministry

Maranatha Missions

Ways you can give:

In Person

Come join us in giving every Sunday morning @ 11:00 am , Sunday evening @ 6:00 pm, and Wednesday evening @ 7:00 pm 


Download the app on your mobile device, or click on the link below to start giving online today! 

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